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Great, Anthony Scaramucci and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Have Found Their Running Gag

Just two friends. Photo: © 2017 Bloomberg Finance LP/Getty Images

Anthony Scaramucci and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have found a running gag that will surely keep them satisfied for the next three and a half years.

Scaramucci, the new White House communications director, when talking about what Press Secretary Sanders could be doing better on CNN, said, “The only thing I ask Sarah, Sarah, if you’re watching, I love the hair-and-makeup person that we had on Friday, so I’d like to continue to use the hair-and-makeup person.”

Following the backlash, he tweeted:

White House male staffer makes a comment about women’s appearance, we all move on. Well, not all of us.

Sanders opened the White House press briefing by saying, “Now, I know Anthony is probably a little bit disappointed that he is not up here today. But since he did some TV this morning, he was able to go ahead and get his hair and makeup done. So I think he’ll be okay.” Har har.

Scaramucci tweeted back a self-deprecating jab.

At least someone in the White House is self-aware about their coif.

Great, Scaramucci and Sanders Have Found Their Running Gag