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Alexander McQueen’s New Ads Take You on an Escape to Rugged Iceland

You’d never think you could utter “Alexander McQueen” and “hygge” in the same sentence but their fall campaign proves otherwise. Taking a cue from the clothes, which were inspired by the mystical countryside of Cornwall, the brand headed to the surreal and raw landscapes of Iceland. Photographer Jamie Hawkesworth (who also shot their spring 2017 ads) and model Rianne van Rompaey juxtaposed interior and exterior settings. The cold and brutal looking outdoors were shot in black-and-white, which highlighted the stark beauty of the surroundings, especially since the featured outfit was severe and tailored. In contrast, the interior pictures are full of warm light and fuzzy textures, and were intended to have more of a painterly effect — the epitome of a cozy respite from the elements. And isn’t that the entire point of hygge?

Photo: Jamie Hawkesworth
Alexander McQueen’s New Ads Take You to Rugged Iceland