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Area Men Face Burden of Being Groomsmen Multiple Times

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Women in America still face a staggering gender pay gap and efforts to systematically roll back our reproductive rights but, breathe easy, because there’s one arena where we’ve apparently earned some equality: being part of too many weddings.

The dubious-trend-piece factory otherwise known as the New York Post brings us such an article today, smack-dab in the middle of wedding season. Titled “These guys are always the groomsman, never the groom,” it features several men who find themselves being part of wedding after wedding, shelling out a not-insignificant amount of money (one said $150,000 total) for the occasions while remaining single themselves.

For instance, there is 36-year-old Brian Vincent, who has been the groomsan in six weddings and says, “The hardest part is not being able to celebrate those weddings with someone that I’m going in that direction with.”

Or 34-year-old Ernesto Feliz, who has been in 22 weddings: “It always makes me want to go through the same experience … You don’t want to grow old by yourself.”

Sounds like it’s time for a movie reboot.

Area Men Face Burden of Being Groomsmen Multiple Times