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Spencer Pratt Interviewed Alex Jones About Megyn Kelly on a Hawaiian Beach

Spencer Pratt and Alex Jones. Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, celebrity gossip aficionado Spencer Pratt found himself staying at the same Hawaiian resort as far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones — while on his “babymoon” with Heidi Montag — and, as we predicted, their vacation together is quickly evolving into the most bizarre of buddy comedies.

Pratt has been posting videos of their trip on his Twitter page (he also emailed us a few), including snippets of Jones hanging out with the couple, and what appears to be a teaser for a live version of Infowars, starring Speidi.

We also get to see Pratt interviewing a shirtless Jones about Megyn Kelly on a sandy beach, in which Jones declares “she’s a total screwjob and it blew up in her face.”

As odd as this friendship may seem, Speidi have actually appeared on Infowars before — back in 2009, when Pratt suggested that 9/11 was “an inside job” and promised to use his celebrity status to inform the public about the “New World Order.” Can’t wait to hear what they talk about with a few Mai Tais under their belts!

Spencer Pratt Interviewed Alex Jones on a Hawaiian Beach