nordstrom anniversary sale 2017

The Fanciest, Cheapest, and the Most Oddly Satisfying Beauty Items to Buy at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom anniversary sale 2017.

Since beauty supplies almost never go on sale, Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is a bit of an anomaly. Don’t read that that as criticism, but as a call to totally take advantage of this oddball event. There are over 300 items up for grabs, and the Cut gathered the most enticing 33. From a cheapie La Mer set to discounted M.A.C, scroll down for our Nordstrom anniversary sale edit. (And hurry up: The sale starts today and ends August 6.)

A comforting scent available in three forms: a giant 32-ounce shower gel, an 8-ounce shower gel, and a travel-size lotion.
Market Value: $61

All of your makeup basics in one palette, including 12 neutral eye-shadow shades, two blushes, a highlighter, and a bronzer. The oversize mirror is a welcome bonus.
Market Value: $365

Three pinky-nudes for lips that look naturally enhanced with a wash of color. The lipstick (left) and Art Stick Liquid Lip (center) both dry to a semi-matte finish.
Market Value: $81

The only uncomplicated tool for soft waves. Seriously. Press the “Go” button on the iron and let the motorized barrel do all the work.
Price after sale ends: $250

Haters will say you’re boring, but everyone needs a few neutral polishes. Try the blue when you feel a little jazzy.
Market Value: $72

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Not only do they smell crisp and bubbly, but these scented gels are very pretty and handbag-friendly.

The cult favorite for when you want skin that looks dewy but not greasy.
Market Value: $208

The revolutionary brush that launched thousands of soft faces is at its lowest price yet.
Price after sale ends: $129

Leave one of these moisturizing sticks at the office, one at home, and the rest in your four favorite clutches and totes.
Market Value: $34

Reusable, non-scary masks that exfoliate pore-clogging face gunk.
Price after sale ends: $55

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Burn one on your bedside table to seem like a person with incredible (read: fancy and expensive) taste.
Market Value: $75

More people buy Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum than any other luxury skin-care item sold in the U.S. Find out why with this set, complete with the line’s eye cream, cleanser, and moisturizer.
Market Value: $150

Can you ever have enough lipstick? No, you cannot. Grab this set of long-lasting colors for a chic addition to your beauty stash. The pencil format makes them ridiculously easy to use.
Market Value: $110

GlamGlow’s cult-favorite Super Clear Mud Mask is usually only available in 1.7-ounce teeny-tiny jars. At long last, they’ve released a much larger version (3.5 ounces) to make ridding your skin of zits and blackheads an easier ordeal.
Market Value: $152

Kate Somerville’s tingly scrub-meets-chemical-peel delivers a glow that’s Hollywood A-list-star approved. (Really.)
Price after sale ends: $175

Consider this your gateway drug to the nectar of celebrity skin. In this set is the brand’s time-honored “soft cream” and serum. The only cheaper item La Mer offers is a lip balm.
Market Value: $140

Le Labo created a set of its number-one fragrance, Santal 33, that will be removed from the market immediately after the Nordstrom sale. Included are two mini lotions, shower gels, and a sample-size eau de parfum.

Toe the line and mind your budget with the Rolls Royce of nail polish.
Market Value: $60

If you’ve ever suffered from flat hair, this set is a godsend.
Market Value: $79

A gentle cleanser that also helps to alleviate acne — it’s a miracle!
Market Value: $38

Molton Brown’s best-selling body wash is also crazy expensive. Catch this deal while you can (and prepare to lightly smell of pink flowers all day).
Market Value: $60

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Everyone deserves a home that smells like an Italian grapefruit farm. These diffusers will do the job for months.
Market Value: $84

The kit’s lip primer lays the foundation for a smooth application, a lip color pencil ensures that the color will last for hours, and a liquid lipstick delivers a matte-but-not-dry finish.
Market Value: $55.50

Created by hair guru to the Kardashians Jen Atkins, Ouai brings the beach to you. Try the wave spray to give lifeless hair a bit of texture, or the dry-shampoo foam to fake the look of newly washed hair.
Market Value: $38

Enhanced with pore-clearing salicylic acid, this formula — revered across the beauty industry — transforms gnarly zits into distant memories.
Market Value: $56

Gwyneth Paltrow and other natural-beauty fans get their kicks with this coconut-oil-derived line. Try it for yourself with a kit that includes a cream-based highlighter, a lip and cheek pot, and a soft copper eye shadow.
Market Value: $124

Surely you’ve seen this brush-cleaning mat all over Instagram. It’s the perfect purchase for anyone who is in possession of both a makeup brush and a lazy bone.
Market Value: $73

Only buy this if you want your skin to appear obnoxiously even and smooth.
Market Value: $137

The only way to stop waking up with little broken hair strands on your pillow.
Market Value: $158

Yes, reapplying sunscreen during the day is challenging, but this spray makes the task surprisingly easy and refreshing.
Market Value: $40

When you want hair that is really, really straight, look no further than here.
Price after sale ends: $180

A set that’s chic, luxurious, and available only during Nordstrom’s sale.

Are these moisturizing lip balms injected with a tiny flower slightly cheesy? That depends on whether you’re a fun person. (Tip: Be a fun person.)
Market Value: $50

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The Best Beauty Buys From Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale 2017