The NRA Is Throwing a Concealed-Carry Fashion Show

The NRA is so fashion-forward these days. Photo: 2013 Getty Images

The National Rifle Association has made a resurgence lately thanks to a series of video ads that use violent rhetoric to pit prospective gun owners against “liberal elites” and their institutions. And in the wake of the renewed attention, the NRA sent out a press release announcing its first-ever “carry guard expo” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in late August.

According to the press release, the expo is “an educational and interactive experience dedicated to individuals interested in increasing their knowledge and skills of personal protection” and will feature “over 125 seminars” on “the best personal protection and concealed-carry practices.” But the best nugget is at the very bottom where the release reads, “a live concealed-carry fashion show will be conducted Friday evening in which concealment clothing and gear designed for men and women will be modeled.”

We can only imagine what said fashion show will entail — pink Realtree? Bra holsters? A moving Dana Loesch speech on women’s empowerment? We’ve reached out to the NRA and will update this post when more details are available.

The NRA Is Throwing a ‘Concealed-Carry Fashion Show’