This Teen’s Summer 2017 Bucket List Is Going Viral and It’s Amazing

Looking for ideas on how to spend the summer? Check out one teen’s bucket list, reportedly found in an Urban Outfitters dressing room.
Below, a few of the inspired plans (What’s randyland?):

3. “have sex”

4. “give two blow jobs”

6. “8 hoe pics for Instagram”

8. “hu w/Jacob (again) [completed]

14. “get a manicure”

15. “get a pedicure”

16. “randyland”

17. “get drunk all the time” [completed]

19. “do summer reading”

21. “pet a giraffe”

23. “go to flagstaff drunk”

25. “get a boob hickey”

30. “buy Ray-Bans”

36. “buy 7 bikinis”

Read the full list:

This Amazing Summer Bucket List Is Going Viral