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Tiffany Trump Makes Jewelry and It’s As Elegant and Understated As You’d Expect

Tiffany Trump.

Tiffany Trump has always looked up to her big sis Ivanka, who possesses everything she aspires toward (namely: “a brand and a personality and consistency in her Instagram”). Now, Tiff may be attempting to follow in her eldest sibling’s footsteps by testing out a potential jewelry-making enterprise.

Yesterday, Hamptons boutique Blue & Cream shared an Instagram video of Tiffany showing off some of her custom wares, which include an iridescent boxing glove and a purple diamond lightning bolt on a chain.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be seeing Tiffany’s lightning bolts lining the racks of Nordstrom — or Claire’s Accessories — anytime soon. Per “Page Six”: “While half-siblings Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. all have money-spinning companies, we’re told Tiff’s range of custom baubles is ‘just a hobby.’”

Tiffany Trump Makes Jewelry Now