What Could Leonardo DiCaprio Possibly Be Carrying in This Plastic Bag?

What have you got there, Leo? Photo: ARIS/BrosNYC / BACKGRID

This weekend, Oscar winner and walking neck-beard Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted strolling around New York City with a purple plastic bag tied around a sweater, tied around some hard-working cargo shorts. But what could the mystery bag possible contain?! What could be so valuable that Leo, a passionate environmentalist, would stoop to using such an environmentally-unfriendly receptacle? We have some ideas:

- His Oscar

- Various vaping accessories

- Five to seven newsboy caps

- Another fanny pack

- Matching “Female Body Inspector” shirts for the Pussy Posse

- Ill-fitting dad jeans

- His safety towel

What Is Leonardo DiCaprio Carrying in This Plastic Bag?