Hold on to Your iPhones, Kids, New Emoji Are Coming

Apple’s newest emoji.

Back in March, we got the first glimpse of what new emoji from the Unicode Consortium might look like for Apple-device users. (Unicode is responsible for overseeing new emoji, but individual platforms decide what the pictographs look like for their users.) Today, in honor of the totally real holiday of World Emoji Day, Apple released a smattering of the new emoji for iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

Congrats to the following groups of people who will now be represented by Apple’s emoji: folks with full beards, people who wear headscarves, yogis, people who are breastfeeding, elves, and zombies. Also, zebras and dinosaurs. You can also now be starry-eyed, blow-your-brains-out angry, or vomit in emoji form. Apple didn’t give an official release date, noting only that the new emoji will be available later this year.


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