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Buy These 12 Rarely-on-Sale Beauty Products Now

We keep saying that beauty products rarely go on sale — except for now. After last week’s very rewarding Nordstrom anniversary sale, this week’s best beauty sale comes from retailer Dermstore. In honor of their anniversary, a huge selection of brands and products are up to 25 percent off till August 12. See below for the best things to scoop up now, including a pricey-but-worth-it hairbrush, a coconut-oil highlighter used to get the models glow-y in the J.Crew catalog, and a pricey mud treatment that both rock stars and movie stars love.

Cate Blanchett might be the face of SK-II, but she swears by this exfoliant. It comes in a fluffy powder that you mix with water to create a very, very fine-grained fluid. Use it to slough off dead skin without harming any dolphins or your pores.

Original Price: $55

You know a “natural” cleansing oil is good when people wake up eager to use it in the morning and go to bed excited to use it at night. It also smells nicely like pineapple.

Original Price: $42

This daytime antioxidant serum is a nice dupe of the more pricey SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic (to which the Dermstore discount code not apply). Unlike CE Ferulic, it doesn’t have the look and smell of a molten copper penny, but it’s full of Vitamin C. True to the brand, which has become one of Sephora’s best skin-care launches in history, it’s also “natural.”

Original Price: $80

If you’re not ready to commit to a retinol, this is a nice starter serum. The heavy lactic-acid formula gently exfoliates your skin while you’re sleeping without giving you redness or dry patches, so you wake up with brighter skin. The formula is rather pungent, though, so gird your nose.

Original Price: $158

Every J.Crew catalog uses RMS highlighter for a gentle, non-shimmery luminosity that’s not so bright that it’s visible across the subway platform. It’s also “natural” and made out of the best quality coconut oil (centrifuge-pressed), as formulated by Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr’s makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift. The concealer is also great.

Original Price: $38

Every time I stop using this exfoliating liquid, I break out. It effectively tackles two of the main causes for zits: It acts as a boon against bacteria and gently dissolves dead skin so you don’t get clogged pores from build-up. Ashley Weatherford, the Cut’s Senior Beauty Editor, first discovered it and raved about it, and now it’s in the beauty routine of over five Cut staffers.

Original Price: $29

You probably have one of these already, and it’s probably a little disgusting from being used too much, so now’s the time to stock up on new ones. There’s no need to resort to extremes.

Original Price: $49

“It’s worth every penny,” hairstylists (like the Sally Hershberger) used to say about the Mason Pearson brush. I got one recently and one day after using it, two of my co-workers asked me what I did to my hair. “I brushed it?” I replied. These pricey brushes literally never go on sale so now is a good time to try it out.

Original Price: $150

There is no doubt that this beauty product really, really works. Just be ready to shed skin disgustingly (and satisfyingly) like a snake for several days.

Original Price: $25

Your butt probably doesn’t need more moisture, but surely it can benefit from what the Internet only semi-hyperbolically calls the “best-smelling lotion in the world.” Pop star Shawn Mendes even sneakily based his first fragrance on this after tweeting that he was “in love” with the scent.

Original Price: $45

The sales of this mud alone prompted Estée Lauder to buy the Glam Glow company for about $125 million (with Tommy Lee and Miley Cyrus as reported fans).

Original Price: $69

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Buy These 12 Rarely-on-Sale Beauty Products Now