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Woman Saved From Attack by Alleged Rapist’s Mother

Brandon Jermain Halstead. Photo: Alachua County Jail

A Gainesville, Florida, woman was rescued midway through an alleged sexual assault when the suspect’s mother arrived to put an end to it.

According to what police told the Gainesville Sun, 22-year-old Brandon Jermain Halstead broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house on Tuesday and forced himself on her. When she attempted to fight back, “he punched her in the face, throat and upper torso.” She did manage to find a way to contact his mother, who then arrived and “yelled at him to get off the ex-girlfriend and said she didn’t raise him ‘like that.’”

Although Halstead initially fled the scene — with his ex’s cell phone — he was found and arrested shortly afterwards. He’s facing charges of sexual battery and assault during burglary.

Woman Saved From Attack by Alleged Rapist’s Mother