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This Perfect Summer Controversy Involves an Instagram Star, an Injury, and an Inflatable Flamingo

Being a Rich Kid of Instagram is dangerous business. This week, one prominent member of said social-media clique, Andrew Warren, was involved in a pink-flamingo-pool-float-related accident at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, a summer hot spot ripe with rosé and drama.

“Someone fell in the pond, and I went in the water to help them,” Warren told “Page Six.” “My arm was either broken as I went in or when I was pulled out. I broke my right arm and I am in a cast for six weeks.”

Warren, who was at the Surf Lodge with none other than his longtime friend Tiffany Trump, captioned the news on Instagram with the hashtag “survivor.” Concerned comments poured in, to which Warren responded: “Already getting my Mariah [Carey] cast ready,” referring to the elusive summer diva’s own bedazzled arm slings circa 2013.

Curiously, Warren also responded to one commenter with a different story: “I actually fell and a bouncer twisted my arm pushing me out and assaulted me xo.” So, maybe this is fake news to distract from more serious allegations. But in the heat of the moment, who can resist such a perfect summer tale?

Real or fake, at the end of the day, this is really serious, guys. “It is especially hard because I use my right hand to design and for social media,” Warren told “Page Six.” (Warren has his own fashion label, Just Drew).

According to his Instagram stories though, Warren is going to be just fine, as he’s already taken the opportunity this morning to respond to more summer drama, this time involving cyberbullying — a topic he’s regrettably all too familiar with. Get well soon.

Summer Drama: Instagram Star Injured In Pool-Float Accident