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‘Out of Control’ Kennedy Daughter Reportedly Yelled at Cops After Arrest

Caroline Summer Rose Kennedy (right) and her younger sister, Noah. Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/Caroline Summer Kennedy

By now, you may have heard that two Kennedys were arrested early Sunday morning after refusing to turn the music down at their raucous party on Cape Cod. Barnstable police charged Max Kennedy, 52, and his daughter Caroline Summer Rose Kennedy, 22, with disturbing the peace and violating a town noise ordinance. According to the police report, published today by the Boston Globe, dad and daughter handled the arrest experience with the grace we’ve all come to expect from certain members of the famed political family. (Max, an author, is the son of Robert F. Kennedy.)

Barnstable police said that Max argued with officers when they arrived at the party house, and that he threw himself into a wall, for some reason. He also, according to police, “grabbed a wall cabinet (filled with glass valuables) and threw it, smashing the contents.” After cops handcuffed him, his daughter Caroline, who apparently goes by Summer, started her own performance.

According to the police report, Summer ran outside and attempted to open the door to a police cruiser. Partygoers followed her, shouting, “You don’t know who you’re messing with!” Cops then arrested Summer. Later, at the station, she reportedly refused to give police basic information, shouting instead, “I went to Brown and I’m a teacher, sweetheart!”

A quote almost as memorable as the one Summer’s cousin Kyra Kennedy angrily delivered to a bouncer in 2015. (“I am a Kennedy, Google me!”)

Both Max and Summer were released on bail.

‘Out of Control’ Kennedy Daughter Reportedly Yelled at Cops