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Did Chris Hemsworth Photoshop This Pic to Remove Anthony Hopkins’s Sweat Stains?

Time to whip out the notebook with your Hollywood Chris rankings, because there’s a new factor to consider. As Lainey Gossip points out, Chris Hemsworth — the hot Australian one — may have photoshopped Sir Anthony Hopkins’s sweat stains out of an Instagram picture.

In what may be the ultimate show of friendship and kindness in Hollywood Chris history, Hemsworth recently posted a picture on Instagram of himself and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi kissing Hopkins’s cheeks. But, in July, Waititi posted an identical image of the trio — only in his version, Hopkins has sweat stains and there’s a random man’s head over Hopkins’s shoulder.

Everything about the two images — other than the cropping, pit stains, and aforementioned random man — appear to be the same, down to the facial expressions of all parties involved. So, did Hemsworth (or more likely, someone working for Hemsworth) Photoshop the image to make it more flattering for Hopkins? If so, we all need to adjust our Chris rankings to reflect the additional points awarded for such an act of social-media kindness.

Did Chris Hemsworth Photoshop a Pic of Anthony Hopkins?