Generous Trump Lets Melania Be Her Own Woman, Tweet Her Own Tweets

Melania can send her own tweets, thank you very much. Photo: ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images

Last Saturday, shortly after news spread of violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, Melania Trump sent out a tweet:

It was somewhat remarkable, given the fact that her husband had yet to comment on the issue — his tweet came almost an hour later. And on Wednesday, as the nation waited for President Trump to address the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Melania again beat him to the punch:

According to CNN, the First Lady is so quick on the uptake because she “does not pay attention to when her tweets are sent vs. those of the President.” She also operates her Twitter account autonomously. According to a White House official, “When it comes to social media, Twitter in particular, the first lady does not check in with her husband before posting. She is her own person, the official said, operating the account herself and paying close attention to which events warrant comment and which do not.”

She reportedly discusses her “measured approach to messaging and social media” with one aide in particular: Stephanie Grisham, her communications director. Maybe John Kelly should be taking notes.

Trump Lets Melania Be Her Own Woman, Tweet Her Own Tweets