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How to Do Your Makeup Like a French President

Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Lisi Niesner/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In your relentless pursuit to do everything like a French girl, why not take a page out of Emmanuel Macron’s book and do your makeup like a French president, as well? All you need is €26,000 — or more than $30,000 — to spend on makeup for three months.

According to Politico, Macron’s personal makeup artist (fancy) recently filed two claims for payment: one for €10,000, and one for €16,000 — both for doing his makeup for press conferences and travel. The claims cover his first three months in office, which means the Donald Trump hand-holder has been dropping almost €10,000 per month on makeup since becoming president, Le Point reports.

In contrast, Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine only costs $2,000 (though who knows how much her makeup artists make hourly). And while Sarah Palin was a vice-presidential candidate back in 2008, the Republican National Committee only spent $4,716 for one month of hair and makeup.

But in fairness to Macron, Le Point notes that he has been spending less than former French president François Hollande, who spent €30,000 per quarter on makeup (including the salary of his makeup artist) and €9,895 a month for his hairdresser. Somehow another former president, Nicolas Sarkozy, was able to get by on only €8,000 a month on makeup.

When asked about Macron’s lofty makeup expenses, the Elysée Palace told Le Point, “We called in a contractor as a matter of urgency.” Aides added that makeup spending would be “significantly reduced” moving forward.

Luckily, we know just the guy Macron can ask for tips on saving money by doing his own makeup.

How to Do Your Makeup Like a French President