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Jenny Slate Got Her Big Break With the Help of Gloria Estefan and a Psychic

Before she was winning over the hearts of Americans around the country, Jenny Slate sought the advice of a psychic, who advised her in 2008 that doing a one-woman show would give her an opportunity on “the big stage.” Slate told Jimmy Kimmel last night that she followed the advice, performed a show as an eccentric millionaire at her own funeral, smoked a bunch of weed, and then became fixated on Gloria Estefan, which led to the inclusion of an Estefan impression in her show.

As luck would have it, a Saturday Night Live scout ended up attending Slate’s second show, leading to her getting an audition. Confessing she had little material, Slate resorted to her Estefan impression and landed the gig. This, of course, is not the first time Estefan has helped someone get on their feet.

How Gloria Estefan Helped Jenny Slate Get Her Big Break