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It Was Brad Pitt’s Nudes, Specifically, That Didn’t Impress Shania Twain Much

Photo: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Some of the things that don’t impress Shania Twain much are easier to understand than others. Men with cars do not move her, neither do guys who hold mirrors in their pockets — which is all pretty reasonable. But what about Brad Pitt, a generally pretty attractive guy who just wants to spend his time sculpting and listening to Frank Ocean? In an interview with Billboard, Shania finally revealed that she was inspired to namecheck Pitt in her single “That Don’t Impress Me Much” after seeing his leaked nudes. “I remember I had a girlfriend visiting me and it was near Christmas and we were baking cookies,” Shania told Billboard. “I was writing this album and there was a scandal of [Pitt] and Gwyneth [Paltrow] where there was naked photos of him [in Playgirl magazine], and this was like all the rage. I just thought ‘I don’t know what all the fuss is about.’ I’m like, well that don’t impress me much.’”

Shania, however, is quick to clarify that she didn’t have anything against Brad’s sculpted bod (or his, ahem, proportions) in particular, but that she’s just not that impressed by nudes in general. “I mean what is all the fuss. We see people naked every day,” she said. “That’s really what I thought. I wasn’t picking on Brad Pitt. But that was just the association in that moment and things we make fusses about and whatever. Of course, it could have been any gorgeous guy.” There you have it. Shania is not impressed by nudes. She would probably hate the current state of online dating.

It Was Brad Pitt’s Nudes That Didn’t Impress Shania Twain