Justin Bieber Wants to Know Why This Paparazzo Was So Mean to Him

Justin Bieber. Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Just because Justin Bieber hit a man with his car doesn’t mean he deserves to have profanity hurled at him, says Justin Bieber. On Monday, the singer driving in Malibu when he saw a photographer who he claims cursed him out right after he hit a 57-year-old paparazzo with his car in July. In the video, captured by TMZ, Bieber tries to figure out why (besides, you know, the car crash) the photographer would ever say such mean things.

“Why were you so mean that day after the crash?” Bieber asked.

“Because I was so bummed. That was my friend, man. I didn’t know what happened,” the photographer answered.

“Yeah, but you were yelling such profanity, and it was really, really mean. I just wondered why you would say that.”

Bieber went on to explain that the photographer was “not making the situation better” with his foul language, which is a bold assertion coming from the guy who hit someone with his car.

The photographer eventually apologized, and Bieber drove away, presumably to hang out with his hip pastor, or curate his collection of crop tops.

Watch the full video of the interaction here.

Justin Bieber Wants to Know Why This Paparazzo Was So Mean