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Watch Kristen Stewart Being Birthed in An Apocalypse for Chanel

Photo: Chanel

This is not your standard sex on the beach perfume ad. For Chanel’s new fragrance, Gabrielle, Kristen Stewart stars in a truly unique campaign film that is the Alien birth scene-meets-Blade Runner-meets Jean Luc Blesson. Stewart begins the film directed by Ringan Ledwidge in a creepy chrysalis — that’s not a metaphor, it’s an actual cocoon. Set to the tune of Beyoncé’s Runnin’, Stewart then becomes increasingly physical, breaking and sprinting through the swaddle’s confines into a dystopian, bland landscape (that’s later illuminated by glowing fireworks and Chanel.) Click to watch the sci-fi-meets-perfume ad below and to see Stewart jump through glass and fight off cocoon silk webs and unknown forces, until she arrives at the Chanel promised land. Do you get the metaphor?

Watch Kristen Stewart Being Birthed in A Chanel Apocalypse