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Looks Like Leonardo DiCaprio Is the Latest Celeb to Audition for the Blue Man Group

Leo’s blue period. Photo: Splash News

Lately, celebrities have been photographed in New York City wearing all blue, which means they’re clearly auditioning for the Blue Man Group. And now, it appears plastic-bag accessorizer Leonardo DiCaprio is going after one of those coveted blue-performing slots, as well.

Like models (his favorite!) Bella and Gigi Hadid before him, DiCaprio was spotted in New York on Tuesday clad completely in blue: blue shorts, blue windbreaker, and blue baseball cap under his blue windbreaker’s hood.

But unfortunately, the Pussy Posse leader was also spotted carrying a vape pen that appears to not be completely blue, which could potentially hurt his chances of joining the Blue Man Group. Fingers crossed that they’ll overlook this mistake.

Leonardo DiCaprio Auditions for the Blue Man Group