Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 14

Artwork By: The Push Pose

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On Saturday, Mercury entered retrograde, but don’t worry if your words feel strange in your own mouth. This week is the valley between the lunar and the solar eclipse. Can you feel the moon waning, changing shape overhead? There’s a shift in the light coming, though it’s not here yet. It won’t come faster if you run toward it, so what will you do instead, in the meantime?

Aries: Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the ways your muscles have strained, the way your love has struggled and strived. There is work other than building new houses, work other than discovering worlds. Sometimes, it’s more important to do the work of maintaining the world that exists, with all its green and its blue, all its water and people. Sometimes, it’s more important to do the fierce and tender work of helping yourself and others make it through.

Taurus: Some weeks are for sharpening your understanding of the world, for honing and refining. This week, though, is more for broadening, for widening, for deepening. There’s a kind of wisdom that lives outside of words. Maybe you’ll find it in your body or maybe you’ll find it in the moon. Maybe you’ll find it in a moment of surprise, a moment of love, a moment of unnamed recognition. You don’t need all the answers this week; you might not even need any. If you can still feel deeply, you’re using your time well.

Gemini: This is a week for taking care of your bodily self and your real living friends, and the rich salty physical earth. It’s easy to dream big dreams of the whole wide world, and easier still to get lost in questions of what to do. It’s easy to take on the imagined weight of this whole world, more and more, until you can hardly stand underneath it. Don’t imagine away your own power, this week. Don’t imagine away the strength you have to keep moving, to keep living, to make the changes on the ground that matter.

Cancer: This is a week for refusing the stories that would have you believe the world will be this way forever. It’s not so easy, sometimes, to maintain a belief in transformation, in a future different from the present. This is a week for nurturing that belief like it’s a new baby. You can tend to your belief in survival until it becomes stronger, until it becomes a belief in joy, too, and abundance.

Leo: It can feel like all the world’s streets and hallways only mark edges and borders and boundaries. It can feel like everything there is was only made to limit you, like all the possibilities have been marked and named already, and there’s nothing else and no way outside. This is a time for escaping the bleakness of a life predetermined. There’s a bright generative energy inside you this week.

Virgo: You might look around and find the world different, changed in some small way — a color you haven’t seen before, or a new music at the back of your thoughts. Listen to your senses, this week. Try to trust that your sight and your skin and your weird bright intuition are giving you something valuable. This is a change that will bring you something you need: maybe excitement, or maybe tenderness, or maybe quiet relief.

Libra: There might be days, this week, when the world invites all your spite and your greed to blossom, but remember you have the strength to refuse. You can turn your head, or you can walk away, or you can stand in place, brave and unmoved. Think about what it’ll take to nurture your sweetness, what it’ll take to build a world where all these small lives thrive. You can answer the dark world with a wild, disobedient love.

Scorpio: It’s possible to work magic on your own body, on your own self, on your very vision of yourself and the world. It’s possible to wear shapes and colors that will let you imagine yourself as someone else, someone graceful or bold or brave, someone less in thrall of a world as violent as this one. It’s possible to reach somewhere strange and deep inside your own thoughts to turn them around, to shake life back into them, to start loving this world truly again.

Sagittarius: Take some time this week to remember the different ways you used to be, brave or sincere or just searching, wandering through a dark and dreamy space. It’s worth reaching back to that feeling sometimes, when your life feels like a hard shell around your body. The world is still as full of mystery now as it was before. There’s still as much ahead of you, if you can just give your thoughts space to develop, to ripen, to become as weird as they’re meant to be.

Capricorn: Fear alone can’t make you cruel, and this week it’s important to remember that. Even when you can feel the fear eating a hole in your stomach, even when you can taste its poison seeping into your dreams and your quietest thoughts, you don’t need to be taken down by this. Your bones are made of carbon and of courage, and your blood moves hot and true. The world isn’t strong enough to make you hateful, only to make you strange. You just have to decide which strangeness you’ll choose.

Aquarius: You’ve been making your life smaller lately, maybe, and that’s good. It can feel like medicine, sometimes, to peel away everything inessential, every loose piece of fabric that might catch on a nail. Cutting away every extraneous part that might one day learn to hurt you can be the best way to survive through the night. This week, though, there’s something new in the air, the smell of sage or the smell of rain. It might be time to start expanding again, to start inviting the messy world back into your heart.

Pisces: This week, you might be so full of energy that you can feel your own mind humming. You can watch the sun and the stars and see your own yellow heat reflected back at you. There’s so much you can get done in a week like this, and it’s lucky and good. Just remember that you weren’t put here solely to get things done. You don’t have to be productive to be wild and good and worthy of life. Remember, in the quiet pink dawn, that your energy isn’t just for work, but for living, too.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 14