Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 21

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Today, finally, is the total solar eclipse in Leo. This eclipse will bring change — can you feel it in your bones, or in your words, or in your dreams? Today, the eclipse will shake up the sky, and tomorrow, we’ll continue to live.

Aries: This week, don’t let yourself be limited by fear. Don’t let yourself shrink in the face of some real or imagined darkness. This is a week for tending to the fire in your heart, for nurturing all your best courage. There are so many different ways a person can feel afraid, and none of them are insurmountable. Fear of loneliness can feel as tight and as heavy as fear of the end of the world, but neither means you get to stop trying.

Taurus: It’s okay to wonder and it’s okay to worry, just remember that sometimes a change that looks like catastrophe can morph and shift, right in front of your eyes. The end of the world isn’t here yet. The ferns and the moss keep sending their spores off in the breeze, and you keep living. What feels like danger might still just be life. What feels like uncertainty might turn, in the end, into sweetness.

Gemini: This week, try not to worry so much about whether your insides match up with the world around you. Don’t worry if your heartbeat doesn’t match all the movements you see with your eyes. If the wild spinning world is at odds with the fear and the joy in your guts, it’s all right. It isn’t your job to reconcile every emotion, to force all the pieces together. It’s enough, for now, just to keep your eyes open to the world.

Cancer: Sometimes, the best thing about change is becoming reacquainted with all the ways your body knows how to move. This week, you might just need to remember how to loosen your grip on the future you want. Remember to stop sometimes, and look around at how much there is in the world. If your dreams come to the edge of the ocean, they can learn to swim. If they come to the edge of a cliff, they can learn to fly. There is more than one path, and more than one end.

Leo: This is a week of little green plants in spaces where you thought there was no life, or water in places you thought were dry, or hope in spaces you thought were spiny and barren. These aren’t the days for surprises that shake the Earth’s core, but for these moments of soft, unexpected generosity. It’s good to pay attention to where you’re going, and good to pay attention to where you’ve been, but it doesn’t mean there are no surprises left. Let the world prove you wrong, sometimes.

Virgo: This week might grant you a freedom you hardly realized you’d been missing, or a relief you didn’t know you were searching for. It isn’t quite magic, or some impossible new happiness. Pay attention to how your body feels. It might lift off the ground in the sudden absence of this weight. It might feel lost in this new, quiet freedom. When a longstanding ghost finally leaves you in peace, how will you live without it?

Libra: Even inside your own self, the rules are never set. The language keeps evolving. You used to be one person, and now you’re someone wilder, and that’s perfectly fine. You were solid then, and you’re solid now. Your mind can change, because this is what minds were made for. Even the wise, steady ocean changes. Love can tilt and shift, and that doesn’t make it less real.

Scorpio: This week, all your hard work will pay off, or your waiting will give fruit. All your kindness and energy will prove to you their worth. This week, something in your life will burst into life, but it might not be the seeds you thought you planted. It’s okay. There’s life in the soil, and there’s rain in the sky and there’s something good ahead.

Sagittarius: If you pay attention this week, you might notice the world teaching you how to use your powers. If you watch carefully, you’ll see the Earth and stars showing you how you can use all the gifts you’ve been given. This change on the horizon isn’t about outgrowing your own skin, and it isn’t about becoming somebody new. You’re already holding the magic you need, and all you need to do is learn how to keep holding it.

Capricorn: There’s an energy building inside your heart this week, bright as the moon. But it can be complicated and uneasy to recognize all this power inside yourself. It can feel dangerous, riding this wild wave of your own energy and desire. Just try not to lose your nerve in the face of so much movement. There’s something building, something good, and all you have to do is be brave enough to ride out this change.

Aquarius: This week, the question is how you can remember your brightness in a world that would dull your glow and sand down your edges. How will you keep your own bright spark when the sky is heavy and the days are long? You’re as brilliant and true as you’ve ever been, but it’s not always easy to remember. It’s okay to need a life big enough to stretch your limbs.

Pisces: The world might be changing too quickly to see a clear way forward — watch the trees and vines grow up quickly around you, or the roads shift underneath your feet. This week, you’ll have to be brave enough to move without knowing the path. You’ll have to start moving before the next step can reveal itself, before the next step is even possible. The future you’re looking for hasn’t been made yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 21