Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 28

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Mercury, still retrograde, enters Leo on Thursday. This is the last week of Mercury retrograde until December. What will you do while you wait for the skies to right themselves? With Mercury in Leo now, there’s space to look back, and space to look ahead. There’s space to dream up your next steps while you wait for the wind to change.

Aries: This week, you might be reminded of all the forces bigger than you are, all the history that stretches out behind you and the power that looms overhead. It isn’t easy to be this small. You won’t know yet what your own actions mean, in this larger context. The future doesn’t all belong to you, but your own days still do.

Taurus: You don’t have to let your feelings guide every step you take. You don’t have to let them pull you under the water or chase you up mountains, across plains; you don’t have to let them haunt you, or bully you. Sometimes a body can feel dizzy with sorrow, and it doesn’t mean there isn’t joy for you, too. Sometimes, feeling deeply is a kind of work, as much as anything else.

Gemini: This is a week for walking, a week for gathering, a week for keeping your eyes open to see what you might find. This is a week for the gifts you can’t give yourself. Wild strawberries grow in the forest, and mushrooms grow in the dirt. Other people have stories to tell you that you’d never have imagined alone. You’re a whole world, a whole bright system, but you’re a person, too, living in a world full of kindness and other people.

Cancer: You can look up at the sky and see the stars changing overhead. You can walk along a river and see traces, sometimes, of the ways its path has changed over time. You have your own place in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’re never allowed to change it. If the shape of your home can no longer hold you, if the lines of your life no longer fit, you aren’t stuck here. You’re free to go where you’re called, if you’re ready to be brave enough to change.

Leo: There are heavy forces pressing on you from all sides, and there are powers that could shift the very orbit of the Earth, but right now it’s okay to focus on your own smaller life, on the world you do know. In your own town and on your own street, what do you ignore and what do you see? If you’re already kind, how will you be wild? If you’re already wild, how will you be brave?

Virgo: Even now, there’s sometimes a stark piercing terror in taking your own self seriously. Taking yourself seriously requires such vulnerability, such tenderness, a love for yourself so soft and so brave it’s hard to look at. This week, try to give yourself this gift. State your desires aloud, simply, without flinching, without squeezing them until they’re small.

Libra: This week might have you feeling like you’re moving in circles, like you’re returning to a place you’ve been before. If you recognize this landscape, if you recognize these hills, it doesn’t mean you’ve made no progress. You don’t have to renounce every person you used to be, or forget every idea you’ve ever had before today. Change doesn’t have to move in one straight line.

Scorpio: Sometimes you can practically feel the whole world shaking, and sometimes the air just feels heavy and still, and either way, you’re going to make it through. This isn’t empty optimism, it’s just a quiet true thing. You’ll move through today, and the next day will come. The Earth will spin on its axis, and then it will spin again. You don’t have to look for the end of the world yet.

Sagittarius: You might feel like you’re approaching a threshold. Maybe there’s adventure ahead, and maybe there’s sweetness. Maybe there’s the love you’ve been seeking for so long. It might feel easy to try propelling the world forward with the sheer force of your desire, easy to imagine that all the energy of your impatience might finally make time speed up. But time, just like you, can’t be controlled. Try to let yourself experience the sweetness in the waiting.

Capricorn: This week might bring some weird restlessness and this, too, is a way of understanding the world. A song doesn’t need a clear message to do something to your heart. Your thoughts don’t need to fit neatly together to create meaning you can use. You can write down your dreams, but you don’t have to decode them. Sometimes it’s better just to let the sky’s deep blue wash over you, heavy as a blanket, quiet as the breeze.

Aquarius: The best parts of this week might come from something other than success, something other than moving forward. There is a joy that can light you up, and it has nothing to do with productivity, nothing to do with climbing some imagined ladder. This is a week for reconnecting with the most illogical love you know how to feel. There are so many ways to live when you refuse to let your wildness be suppressed.

Pisces: You don’t have to do anything special to deserve a life that’s good and bright and full of surprise. You don’t have to prove yourself better than anyone else to deserve a rest when you’re tired and food when you’re hungry. Even when you feel finished, even when you feel sour, you deserve this full human life. Try to remind yourself of this, this week, until your belief in your own life feels as real as the rocks on the ground, as real as the bark on the trees.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 28