Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 7

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Today marks the start of eclipse season with a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. We stand directly between the sun and the full moon, and all the earth and the sky will ask us to change. If your path bends and curves in a new direction, will you be ready to follow it?

Aries: Loneliness might overtake you for a moment, and it’s okay. Quiet yearning might slip into your sparkling, vivid life, and there’s nothing wrong with this. Even a life in forward motion can’t protect you from unruly desire. You can listen to sad dreamy songs, or you can wander the streets of your city, or you can stay up late and let the cool night breeze into your bedroom. Drink a glass of water and feel how your heart can grow full on these feelings, too.

Taurus: Sometimes, it’s just joyful to live in the world with other people. You don’t have to focus on the difficulty this week, or the noise, or the small petty moments of unkindness. The joy of living in a world with other people, and the joy of working to build a future better than the one we have now — it won’t always be enough to sustain you, but for now, this week, it might be.

Gemini: You don’t have to be satisfied with the surfaces, with the exteriors, with the information you’ve already been given. This week might be a week for digging, or for reading, or for listening carefully, with attention and love, to the stories people tell you. There’s more in the world than you know right now, and if you’re lucky, if you’re deliberate, your desire to know it can make you brave, and generous, too.

Cancer: Maybe the place where you live is overgrown and tangled with reckless green vines, or maybe it’s surrounded by buildings that block out the light of the sun. Maybe you’re moving through a faraway wilderness, and maybe you’ve forgotten the way home at all. The world around you is twisted up in stories and heavy with doubt, but it’s okay to remind yourself that you’re still human.

Leo: It’s possible, this week, to emerge from some kind of darkness. It’s possible to cast light into even the deepest, most frightening corners of your dreams. There’s enough space for you to return to yourself even now, after a run of strange long days. It isn’t even about second chances, just about the generosity of a human life, the sweet strange luck that you get to keep on living, growing ever brighter, ever wilder.

Virgo: This is a good week to be driven by your curiosity, a good week to give space to your funny, open heart. You don’t have to use every shred of your energy to decipher the world, to fit it into language. When the sun shines as hot as this, when the skies are as clear, when the nights are hazy and smell like flowers, sometimes it’s better just to open your eyes and watch.

Libra: This week, as the moon moves and changes shape, you might feel your ambition growing in size and strength. A desire for change might run wild through your blood, or light your whole body up, or bring strength to your muscles and your words. It’s hard sometimes to know what to do with an energy like this. But you don’t have to impress anyone, or put on any show. That’s not what this week’s energy is for.

Scorpio: When you know your own heart, you don’t have to let anyone try to sway you. It isn’t about defensiveness or inflexibility, just about your own bone-deep knowledge of the way the sun feels on your skin, and the way your voice feels in your chest, and the way the passing of time makes your dreams broaden and bloom. It isn’t about anything but a stubborn insistence on your own right to live.

Sagittarius: Think of the ways you’ve related to fear in your life so far. Sometimes the unknown can swallow you whole, but that isn’t all it can do. You don’t need to sidestep every weird glinting moment of uncertainty. You don’t need to turn your back, walk away, return to the safety of the place you came from. If you move into the confusion, if you let the fear look you right in the face, you came come out the other side made new, made wild, ready to live.

Capricorn: As soon as you think you know the world, this is when it surprises you again. This is a week for rediscovery, for letting your eyes become soft or gentle or curious again. You’re learning, and you’re getting older. You’re getting better at reading the signs in the earth and sky, better at living through your days. Just remind yourself, this week: None of this means there is no wonder here left for you.

Aquarius: It’s such a strange thing, to be a human person, made of the world but living inside it, too. It’s hard, like this, to feel your own edges, where the world stops and where your own self begins. This is a week for sweating, for drinking, for floating in water. You’re made of water, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t also a person. You still get to say what you’ll welcome into your own life.

Pisces: It’s hard sometimes to express your realest self, your truest words, an image of yourself that doesn’t strain or pull or itch at the inside of your skin. You can be loyal to yourself and you can be loyal to the world and you don’t have to choose between them, this week. You can be as gentle to yourself as you are the the world. You can be as loyal to the water that springs from the earth as you are to your own body. You can be who you are, this week, and the world will reflect your truest self back to you.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 7