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Of Course David Blaine Crashed an Eclipse Party

Today in thoroughly unsurprising news, magician, illusionist, and frog-regurgitator David Blaine crashed an eclipse party on Monday and tried to make it all about him.

According to “Page Six,” the party was hosted by Cannonball Productions, a “foodie festival planning” company that had not included the illusionist on their guest list.

“He wasn’t invited,” says a source of the hip magician. “He just happened to be chilling on the roof on a pair of lawn chairs with a friend and decided to join the party. It was a complete shock.”

Another witness added that Blaine performed card tricks for everyone in attendance, like “shrinking a deck of cards and making all of the suits disappear except for the hearts,” to which guests probably responded “Yeah sure, that’s cool but like, there’s an actual eclipse happening right now,
so …”

Of Course David Blaine Crashed an Eclipse Party