An Adult Coloring Book for Broad City Fans

Premiering September 13, Broad City’s fourth season promises to bring more antics from beloved broke millennials Abbi (Jacobson) and Ilana (Glazer). For fans who can’t get enough of the comically surreal alternate reality that is Abbi and Ilana’s New York, there’s The Broad City Coloring Book, out today from Laurence King. The book features psychedelic illustrations by Mike Perry, the artist who creates the show’s animated title sequences.

There’s a fill-in map of New York, complete with Broad City landmarks like Soulstice and Adult Baby’s apartment; mad libs involving body parts; and a host of illustrated Ilana-isms (“Yas Kween” and “Carpe Dayum” among them). Super-fans can watch Comedy Central’s Broad City marathon on Labor Day, when all 30 previous episodes will air.

The Broad City Coloring Book

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An Adult Coloring Book for Broad City Fans