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Samantha Bee Explains How Steve Bannon Learned the Potential of (Human) Trolls Via World of Warcraft

Long before Steve Bannon was encouraging trolls to rally support around Trump, he realized their great power through World of Warcraft. Not fictional trolls, mind you, but the disaffected white-male kind, who rallied against Bannon’s gold-farming business, and made him realize it’s really easy to radicalize gamer anger. Soon after, Bannon took over Breitbart, harnessed the anger of Gamergate via Milo Yiannopoulos, and brought the alt-right into American politics, as Bee puts it, “like a reverse Buffy standing at the Hellmouth yelling, ‘Come on in demons!’”

Samantha Bee Digs Into Bannon’s World of Warcraft History