Sean Spicer Won’t Be on Dancing With the Stars Because of ‘Overwhelming Number of Commitments’

Photo: ABC

If you pictured Sean Spicer doing a pas de deux with Emma Slater dressed as a podium on Dancing With the Stars, then be prepared to be very disappointed. According to sources close to the former press secretary, Spicer has turned down an offer to appear on the forthcoming 25th season of the ABC show, TMZ reports. The insider said that while Spicer was flattered, he had to say no to the offer because of an “overwhelming number of commitments in the fall.” However, were Spicer to make it on the show, it’d appear that just as his tenure at the White House was short, his time on DWTS would probably be as brief. The source also added that Spicer is “not a good dancer.” There’s no word yet as to whether recently ousted Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci or former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus have any desire to join the show, considering their increased free time.

Sean Spicer Turns Down Dancing With the Stars Gig