Steven Soderbergh Likes His Sex Like He Likes His Movies

Steven Soderbergh. Photo: Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

Steven Soderbergh’s career has been incredibly varied, with huge successes and a few flops. This goes for his filmmaking career as well as his sexual career, it seems. In an interview with The Guardian published on Wednesday, the director of Erin Brockovich, the Oceans trilogy, and the new Logan Lucky compared his approach to his career with his approach to sex. Unfortunately, he also chose to do so while discussing the work of alleged sexual predator Woody Allen:

“I say to people, ‘Woody Allen can’t just leap from Annie Hall to Manhattan. He has to make Interiors in between.’ It is so much harder for young film-makers coming up now. I think the expectations are much higher. I started making and watching films seriously during a great period of American cinema in the 70s. I’ve been able to stand on the shoulders of all that great work.”

The comparison with Allen is a good one. Soderbergh has broken up with us several times, before seducing us again with another crowd-pleaser. “I view it the way I view sex,” he says. “If I accidentally give someone else pleasure during it, I’m fine with that.”

Woody Allen comparison aside, Soderbergh clearly gets what sex is all about — accidental pleasure from an indifferent partner

Steven Soderbergh Likes His Sex Like He Likes His Movies