Trump’s Lawyer: I’m Not a Racist; in Fact, I Created a Collage of Photographs of Me With My Black Friends

Since Saturday, the Trump administration has dug itself further and further into a hole of its own devising — yesterday, Trump condemned the alt-right and the “alt-left” and pondered aloud whether George Washington should also “lose his status” since he, like Robert E. Lee, owned slaves — by placing equal blame on all parties involved in a white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, which killed three.

On Wednesday, Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, took to Twitter to assure everyone that even though he supports the president — and, by extension, supports the president’s lack of outright condemnation of the alt-right — he’s not a racist. Cohen notes he is the son of a Holocaust survivor and will not tolerate “#racism.” And, just to drive that point home, he included a half-dozen photos of himself with black people.

Among the people included in the photographs in Cohen’s Twitter version of the good ol’ “I’m not a racist, I have black friends” line are Trump political aide Omarosa Manigault, vloggers Diamond and Silk, and pastor Darrell Scott. Scott weighed in on Twitter supporting Cohen earlier on Wednesday. “My Brother; who I’ve talked to every day for the last 6 years!!! This is no photo op … these relationships are REAL!!!Olivia Nuzzi, our colleague over at Daily Intel, texted Cohen to chat about his tweet.

After that, Nuzzi says Cohen stopped responding. He’s probably too busy hanging out with his black friends to text.

Trump’s Not-Racist Lawyer Tweets Photos With Black Friends