Someone Put a Giant Inflatable Chicken With Trump’s Hair Right Behind the White House

Someone put a chicken outside the White House … get it? Photo: Courtesy of FOX 10 Phoenix

In news that’s sure to temporarily distract you from the threat of nuclear war, someone has placed a giant, inflatable chicken with Donald Trump’s hair just behind the White House. It was first spotted on Fox 10 Phoenix’s Facebook Live video, and screenshots of said chicken have since made their way onto Twitter.

It’s unclear exactly when or how said chicken arrived, but it looks just like the one that appeared in D.C.’s Dupont Circle during the Tax March back in April. The goal of the Tax March was to cajole the president into releasing his tax returns, which he still hasn’t done. And when asked to explain the significance of the chicken, Anna Chu, a member of the March’s executive planning committee, told DCist:

A couple of the local marches somehow found these big inflatable white chickens with gold hairdos online and decided that they were fantastic and ordered a whole bunch of chickens with the pretext that Trump is too chicken to release his taxes.

There are around a dozen marches with chickens, but there are more chickens because some cities have more than one. I think someone has a 13-foot chicken.

In case you were wondering, the chicken’s name is “Donny,” and he has a Twitter account.

There’s a Giant Inflatable Chicken Behind the White House