You Can Now Ask Amazon’s Alexa for Sex Playlists, If You’re Interested in AI-Assisted Coitus

Photo: T3 Magazine/T3 Magazine

Among the many reasons consumers might be averse to devices like the Amazon Echo, which features an always-on microphone capable of connecting to the internet, is the possibility that it might activate during … intimate conversations and moments. Like if you’re discussing sensitive information, or committing murder, or trying to have sex with someone.

But why not turn a weakness into a strength? Per a recent press release, you can now ask Alexa for activity-based playlists like meditation or exercise or boning down. Amazon suggests “songs for making babies” or “hooking up.”

Using the Alexa functionality on my Kindle, I gave the feature a test-drive (requesting playlists, not the other — you know what I mean). The service did not yet recognize the request for “songs for making babies,” but it did start a playlist called “Sexy Classic Rock” when I requested songs for hooking up. The first few tracks were the Pretenders’ “Bad Boys Get Spanked,” Guns N’ Roses’ “Rocket Queen,” Warrant’s “Cherry Pie,” Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon,” Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love,” and T. Rex’s “Bang a Gong.”

Instead of beating around the bush, I then asked Alexa to play “songs for fucking,” and my device started playing “Sexy Classic Rock” again. So if you’re into smashing while Foreigner plays in the background, Amazon has just the thing for you.

You Can Now Ask Amazon’s Alexa for Sex Playlists