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Zadie Smith Says Girls Shouldn’t Waste Their Time Putting on Makeup

Zadie Smith.

While YouTube chugs along on an endless train of contouring tutorials, don’t expect Zadie Smith to hop onboard anytime soon. The best-selling author and — objectively speaking — beautiful person, thinks the practice takes too long, telling attendees last weekend at the Edinburgh International Book Festival: “From what I can understand from this contouring business, that’s like an hour and a half and that is too long,” reports The Times of London.

The comment emerged from a broader discussion that circled beauty practices and gender. Smith explained to festivalgoers that she initiated a 15-minute beauty time limit on her 7-year-old daughter, saying: “I explained it to her in these terms: you are wasting time, your brother is not going to waste any time doing this. Every day of his life he will put a shirt on, he’s out the door and he doesn’t give a shit if you waste an hour and a half doing your make-up.”

“I saw that she had just started spending a lot of time looking in mirrors,” she continued with a line of thinking that sounded a lot like your ex’s unsolicited opinion. “It was infuriating me. I decided to spontaneously decide on a principle: that if it takes longer than 15 minutes don’t do it.”

But perhaps a point that the On Beauty author missed is that some people enjoy the ritual of putting on makeup, even if she thinks it’s a waste of time.

Zadie Smith: Girls Shouldn’t Waste Time Applying Makeup