The 10 Most Enjoyable Guardian ‘Experience’ Columns


Despite the internet’s many horrors, there is one small corner where you can reliably find pleasant content: The Guardian’s “Experience” column. Take the latest installment: “I swim to work.” It’s a straightforward and delightful as-told-to, and is guaranteed to leave your brain feeling way more relaxed than it did when you hate-read that last personal essay. And although the “Experience” column does often touch on heavier topics, it’s often refreshingly light and quirkily specific — like xoJane’s “It Happened To Me,” but with fewer disturbing details and more farmers in the English countryside.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. I was swallowed by a hippo

2. Writing help in the sand saved my life

3. My horse saved me from a raging cow

4. I have 58 tarantulas in my living room

5. Someone stole my cheese

6. I am a Jedi

7. I invented the vuvuzela

8. I’ve eaten only crisps for the past 10 years

9. My dog stole my tractor

10. I accidentally bought a giant pig

Never change, all of you people.

The 10 Most Enjoyable Guardian ‘Experience’ Columns