21 Fashion Students on How They Dress for School

clockwise from top left: Daniel Elias Pascual, Chae Kim, Zachary Mazur, Symone Wynter. Photo: Brad Ogbonna. Photo Editor: Biel Parklee.

It’s time to put the stereotype of the art student in all black to rest. Sorry, New York.

The Cut went to Parsons and the Fashion Institute of Technology to scope out the chic up-and-comers in the fashion industry. What we saw? Neon buzz cuts, fairy makeup, anime bags, and Louis Vuitton speedy bags accessorized with chains. What we didn’t see? Head-to-toe black. It was replaced by red (with white high heels).

Since nobody knows the Zeitgeist better than cool teens, here are the best tips: Shop at Salvation Army, DIY your accessories (or get your friends to do them), wear funky pants, and follow your own style. But as one burgeoning designer, Andrew Curwen, put it, “I don’t really love people who are wearing something because it’s a trend. I want people to wear clothing because it speaks to them and they feel powerful in it.”

Click on to see their style and hear their stories, from the photographer who applied to college with an iPhone camera portfolio to the “colorist” designer who buys all her clothes in Korea.

21 Fashion Students on How They Dress for School