Anthony Scaramucci Wants to ‘Make the World a Better Place’ With His News Outlet

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/ScaramucciPost

A few weeks ago we asked the question, “oh God, is Anthony Scaramucci starting a new media company?” Today we’re here to inform you that, oh God, Anthony Scaramucci is starting a new media company. The former White House communications director and molto piccolo Italian-American financier is continuing to cling desperately to his 15 minutes of fame, most recently with a project called The Scaramucci Post.

Though it was previously kept cryptic, the Mooch released a video — a vertical video — explaining more of what we can expect when it launches on October 2. (Though it’s still not completely clear as to whether or not this is just a massive troll.)

He envisions it as “the center lane in a two-lane highway” (huh?) and about “what is right and wrong versus what is left and right.” As for what it will actually cover, Scaramucci promises “data-dependent arguments about policy” and “a rationalization of what’s going on in the media.” Finally, The Scaramucci Post will be “a world-class experience,” though the “most important thing is making the world better for our children and our grandchildren.”

Here’s how it’s been accomplishing that so far:

Anthony Scaramucci Wants to ‘Make the World a Better Place’