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8 Pretty, Silky Blouses for Under $100

Photo: Nabile Quenum/Nabile Quenum

Getting dressed for work shouldn’t be a bore. Welcome to Business Casual— here to make your weekdays easier.

Fall is full of pleasing textures: nubby wool coats, soft cashmere sweaters, buttery leather jackets. In that rotation should be a silky top, too. In colors like bright pink, red, or aqua, a delicate top will perk up your mood as the days grow shorter and sunshine becomes more limited. Wear one under a blazer now, then add more layers once the temperature drops. The best part? You can get one for well under $100. Shop our favorites below.

The One in the Color of the Season

If you don’t wear red head to toe, a little still goes a long way.

The One for Those Who Still Love Pink

The color is soft enough to be unobtrusive in most office situations.

The One to Get If You Really Love Fall

Army green looks especially timely layered under a menswear-inspired blazer.
Original Price: $100

The Cozy One

If a soothing cup of hot chocolate could be a top, this would be it.

Like a White T-Shirt

Except with more polish.

Like a Black T-Shirt

Photo: QQ

For those who refuse to wear color.

The Runway Dupe

Like the ruched silk tops seen on the Balenciaga spring 2017 runway except with a toned-down price tag and work-friendly cut.

The One If You’re Mourning Summer’s End

Stand out in a sea of cold-weather neutrals.

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8 Pretty, Silky Blouses for Under $100