Björk’s Bonkers Gucci Dress in ‘The Gate’ Took 550 Hours to Make

Nothing Björk ever does is down-to-earth, so it comes as no surprise that her latest music video for “The Gate” takes place in a CGI hallucinogenic dream-world that she presides over with a flute. Her outfit, however, is very-much real, and designed by an equally fantastical mind: Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, who also served as the video’s creative director.

According to Gucci’s Instagram, the ruffled, prism-like dress with jellyfish tendrils took 550 hours to make, plus an initial 320 hours spent embroidering pearls and jewels onto its fabric. (That’s roughly 36 days total.) Made out of pleated iridescent PVC, PVC strips, and Lurex organza, the final product is meant to refract light into beams of rainbows. Oooh!

See for yourself, below.

Björk’s Gucci Dress in ‘The Gate’ Took 550 Hours to Make