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You Can Now Hire a ‘Book Doula’

Photo: Getty Images

If you’ve been talking about writing a novel for years now but haven’t managed to get around to it, you can now hire someone to give you that extra, uh, push: a “book doula.”

The Guardian wrote about consultants and coaches who are now branding themselves as book doulas: not an editor, not yet a publicist (or agent, or publisher). These book doulas advertise their services in terms like: “meeting my clients where they are most vulnerable — needing guidance, support, encouragement, empowerment, accountability — and helping them to achieve their book goals.”

Some public rates include $400 – $600 per month, which seems reasonable for an actual human baby doula and expensive for someone you’ve paid to listen to you talk about your book.

You Can Now Hire a ‘Book Doula’