finer things

The City-Slicker Version of the Western Trend

Photo: Bobby Doherty

Finer Things is a photo series with a playful approach to elusive, glamorous fashion items we’re fixated on right now.

Was everyone in fashion watching Westworld? That show’s future-meets-1800s Western wardrobe includes bustled dresses, chandelier earrings, petticoats, and even some scandalous blue jeans. On the fall runways, modern interpretations of the look included cowhide skirts at Bally, silver-tipped boots at Stella McCartney, and Stetson-style hats that owed much to Dolly Parton and Hank Williams.

Perhaps the most coveted Western pieces of the season are the opening looks of Raf Simons’s debut for Calvin Klein: colorful twill shirts with contrasting yokes, paired with wool marching-band pants and silver-tipped cowboy boots. Slightly ’70s, it sounds like an odd mash-up, but it works.

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The City-Slicker Version of the Western Trend