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Chloë Sevigny Describes Her Current Look as ‘Weird Sexy Baby’

Chloe Sevigny Photo: Zach Hilty/

In 1994, Chloë Sevigny, wearing jelly shoes and a space-age dress at the peak of her it-girl status, lamented to the New Yorker, “God, Armani is so old-ladyish.”

Twenty-three years later, Sevigny is trying to lean into a more ladylike style, she told the Cut at the launch of Saks’ new designer floor. Wearing a Jacquemus jacket (don’t worry, she doesn’t know how to pronounce it either), a Ralph Lauren polo, and flared pants, she said, “Transitioning into my forties, I’m trying to embrace maybe a little bit more ladylike silhouette, kind of.”

At the Venice Film Festival last week, she said, she “was always in Miu Miu, looking like a weird sexy baby. I don’t know. I’m trying. It’s a struggle.” (A longtime Miu Miu collaborator, she may have been talking about this pink gingham romper.) So take heart: Even long-standing it-girls have trouble defining their looks.

Chloë Sevigny Describes Her Look as ‘Weird Sexy Baby’