Go Backstage at Philipp Plein, Mansur Gavriel, and Public School

Photo: Landon Speers, Biel Parklee, and Alex Hodor-Lee.

It would be hard to find three New York Fashion Week shows more different than Philipp Plein, Mansur Gavriel, and Public School. Plein introduced the world to sexy Disney in a “Good Gone Bad” show (never will Cinderella be the same). Mansur Gavriel, in their first ready-to-wear runway show, brought cheery, cherry-red scrunchies to their upbeat-yet-elegant runway. And Public School turned hazmat shoes and plaid fanny packs into high fashion. The Venn diagram for the three shows does not intersect.

But no matter the aesthetic, the backstage of a runway show is filled with energy — whether or not Teyana Taylor is about to perform. Click through to see how the three different brands produced their shows filled with leather cages, green lace slips, and baby-duck-yellow hats.

Go Backstage at Philipp Plein, Mansur, and Public School