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Okay, Now Goop Is Just Messing With Us


Goop, who has provided so many laughs over the years with their earnest, breathless recommendations of luxurious, ridiculous things like “vaginal steaming,” “$55 vaginal jade eggs,” “$15,o00 vibrators,” and “clean eating,” may have finally become so ridiculous that it’s becoming a self-aware parody of itself.

Currently, is peddling a bottle of Psychic Vampire Repellent from Paper Crane Apothecary, a $30 gem-infused protective mist, made from “a unique combination of sonically tuned gem elixirs.” Just spray it around your head to “safeguard your aura” and “banish bad vibes!” It’s a real product!

Okay, Goop. We get it: you’re in on the joke now. But also … does the spray work?

Okay, Now Goop Is Just Messing With Us