it's so beautiful

Please Enjoy Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Video of Herself Crying Over Hamilton While on Laughing Gas: ‘It’s So Beautiful!’

Two weeks ago, Jennifer Garner started curating an Instagram account, and it has been exactly as endearing and dorky as I could have hoped. She introduced herself with a time-lapse video, she did a boomerang of herself kickboxing, she promoted charity work. Now, she’s embraced the concept of Throwback Thursday by uploading a video of herself crying and laughing over Hamilton after being on dental anesthesia. Apparently “they” (the dental technicians?) put on “the sad part” of the musical and Jen started crying and couldn’t stop. “It was so beautiful,” she repeats several times, cry-laughing, “listen to the song!” It’s like Sarah Jessica Parker’s reaction to the eclipse meets “David After Dentist,” and I have watched it far too many times.

Here Is Jennifer Garner Crying Over Hamilton on Laughing Gas