Canadian Hockey Fans Say Versace Copied Their Old Jerseys

Versace SS18 runway. Photo: This content is subject to copyright.

The fashion industry can hardly go a day without a brand or a Kardashian being accused of ripping off someone else’s designs. And now, the accusations are coming from fans of Canadian hockey teams.

Fans of the Vancouver Canucks are pointing out on Twitter that a $1200 sweatshirt from Versace looks oddly familiar to the Cancucks’ jerseys from 1985-1997, per CTV news. Both tops are black and feature the brand/team name at an angle in a red and yellow circle. The Cancucks jersey, CTV points out, has lines in the shape of a hockey skate surrounding the logo. The Versace logo also kind of does… if you squint.

Many of the tweets from Canucks fans were good-natured — classic Canadian behavior — so no lawsuit seems to be in the works.

Canadian Hockey Fans Say Versace Copied Their Old Logo