5 of the Most Obviously Staged Moments in Kardashian History

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A very necessary part of enjoying reality TV is the suspension of disbelief. You can’t get hung up on stuff like wardrobe inconsistencies, obviously dubbed voices, or spontaneous vacations that somehow manage to get every star of a show on a remote island where drama ensues. It’s part of the fun. And this is never more true than for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Though the show’s stars grew up with cameras on them 24/7, there have been some pretty egregious slip ups in the last 14 seasons of the show. In fact, there have been enough mishaps for people like me to make a career out of tracking them. Sometimes it feels like the inconsistencies are so apparent, that they might as well pull a hammer out of their purses and literally break down the fourth wall. In honor of 10 years and ahead of the 14th season premiere on Sunday, let’s take a look back at some of the questionably real scenes in Keeping Up with the Kardashians history.

Khloé’s Arrest: Season 1, Episode 5

In March of 2007, Khloé Kardashian was arrested in the wee hours of a Calabasas morning for driving while under the influence. This was one of the first story lines of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the episode aired on November 11, 2007.

Here’s the problem: According to Wikipedia, Keeping Up wasn’t greenlit until August 2007 (5 months after Khloé’s arrest in March), and filming began shortly after so there’s no way they could have actually filmed Khloé getting arrested. So there’s that — and then there’s the so-called reason for her arrest. In the show, the drunken night out that led to Khloé’s arrest is said to be directly tied to her the anniversary of her father, Robert Kardashian’s death. The episode is titled “Remembering Dad,” and even Hulu’s description of the episode states “Khloé has trouble coping with the anniversary of her father’s death.” But, the anniversary of his death would would have been on September 30, 2007, 6 months after Khloé was arrested. I can’t be too mad at them because it gave us Kimberly Kardashian taking selfies in a car while accompanying Khloé to jail.

Kim and Kris talk about Kim and Kris: Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Season 2, Episode 7

On October 31, 2011, Kim Kardashian announced that she was divorcing Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage. The demise of the marriage is chronicled on Kourtney and Kim Take New York and one of the most pivotal conversations that Kim had about her marriage takes place between Kim and her Mom on a business trip to Dubai in early October (Kim’s seen here entering her hotel on October 11, 2011). In the scene, Kim tells Kris that she’s not eager to leave Dubai and return to New York to see her husband. Kim asks Kris if her feelings are “normal,” and Kris tells her that they aren’t.

Here’s the problem: This scene is made to look like it was filmed in Dubai, but was actually filmed on December 6, 2011 in Los Angeles. On December 6, Kim and Kris were seen leaving a studio in Hollywood, wearing the exact same outfits they were wearing during their episode 7 conversation about Kris Humphries, as they prepared to leave Dubai and head back to New York. That’s over a month after Kim filed for divorce from Kris Humphries. It seems as though Kim and Kris had to take to a studio to reshoot some scenes (which coincidentally turn out to make it seem like divorce is the best option for Kim).

Kris Humpries’s Proposal: Season 6, Episode 13

During his divorce proceedings, Kris Humphries testified that his proposal to Kim was made-for-TV. “I remember, like, Kim — she didn’t know he was going to propose at that moment, and she came in and she was completely surprised, and I think she had a bad reaction or something and she was embarrassed,” Humphries said. Humphries told the court that Kim wasn’t satisfied with her initial reaction to his proposal in Season 6 Episode 13, so she asked to reshoot the scene so that they could get a better take. “She said can we just, like, have me come back in one more time and be, like, really surprised. Because she had no idea it was going to happen. It was in her bedroom.” Humphries’s claim was substantiated by a Keeping Up producer, Russell Jay, who confirmed, in a 165-page deposition, that this scene was reshot. To my knowledge, Kim has never publicly commented on the matter.

Kylie’s Lips: Season 10, Episode 9

Back in 2014, everyone was talking about Kylie’s lips (and this was before she launched her lip kits). An entire episode of Season 10 was centered around Kylie’s suspected injections. In it, she spends a good amount of time trying to avoid answering questions about whether her lips are enhanced.

Here’s the problem: In her first interview of the episode, Kylie tells a New Zealand magazine, Remix, that her lips are au naturale, and and the fullness is due “to, like, six different colors.” She doesn’t admit to the fillers in this interview because she’s just not “comfortable” talking to reporters about her lips just yet. However, in the last scene of the episode Kylie finally tells Teen Vogue that she has in fact had her lips enhanced with temporary fillers. The catch is that Kylie was interviewed by Teen Vogue (the interview where she admitted to fillers) on February 6, 2015, 4 days before her interview on February 10, 2015 with Remix (where she lied about not having fillers). The episode was edited to look like Kylie was building up to feeling “comfortable” enough to admit to getting lip injections, when it seems as though she just wanted to break the news to the most popular source.

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble’s Relationship: Season 10, Episode 2

In the winter of 2014, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Scott Disick chat around Kris Jenner’s kitchen island to break down what’s really going on between Kris and her new man Corey Gamble. They filmed this scene on December 17, 2014 (as evidenced by Khloé’s gram that day), and in it they ask one another who exactly Corey is, and if anyone has any details on him (other than what Scott, Kendall, and Kylie found on him in texts on Kris’s phone in October 2014).

Here’s the problem: Unfortunately, for the Kontinuity of their show, we know the family met Corey — latest  — in October of that same year when he went with the family to Vegas. This scene was filmed almost three months later.

Missing Cuba: Season 12, Episode 13

In season 12 episodes 12 and 13, our beloved Kardashian dolls, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé took a trip to Cuba with their families and Everybody’s Favorite Best Friend Malika. Scott Disick and Kris Jenner miss them so badly they hatch a plan to bring Cuba to Calabasas. They rent a brightly colored convertible, stock up on cigars, put on fedoras, and invite Kylie Jenner and French Montana to ride around Southern California with them, while pretending to be in Havana.

Here’s the problem: the scene of Scott and Kris bringing Cuba to Los Angeles is inconsistent, because it was filmed on May 26, 2016. For proof, you can take a look at Kris and her crew in their car on May 26, 2016, here. That’s 20 days after the ladies returned to California from Cuba on May 6. This means they weren’t experiencing FOMO in real time, since the ladies had already returned from Cuba.

5 of the Most Obviously Staged Moments in Kardashian History