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Leonardo DiCaprio Has Great Time-Management Skills

Leonardo DiCaprio. Photo: Tibrina Hobson/WireImage

While the rest of us struggle to find enough hours in the day, Pussy Posse leader Leonardo DiCaprio has demonstrated some very impressive time-management skills this week. In a little over 24 hours, he went from giving a talk at a Yale University climate change conference to going on back-to-back dates with two (2) different models in New York City. Wow!

At Yale on Tuesday, DiCaprio was joined by former Secretary of State John Kerry as he announced that his foundation was donating $20 million in grants to groups fighting climate change. And early the next evening, the plastic bag–handler was photographed on a date with model Lorena Rae in downtown Manhattan. He hung out with the brunette (!) until 8 p.m. — and then met up with blonde model (and his ex-girlfriend) Toni Garrn for dinner afterward. TMZ has pictures from both dates, if you’re interested.

Looks like with a bit of creative scheduling, some people really can have it all.

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Great Time-Management Skills