Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 25

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The sun is now in Libra, and on Friday, Mercury enters Libra, too, and stays there until the middle of October. If you feel a new evenness in your step, a new calm in your voice, this could be why.

Aries: If it’s comfort that you need this week, there’s some kind of comfort here in the world for you. If it’s softness you need, there’s softness, somewhere, waiting. You can trust yourself to know what you need, how much struggle you can bear before you need a rest. You can trust yourself to know when you need to retreat from the busy world, and when it’s time to return again.

Taurus: Sometimes it’s easy to get lost, even on the streets of your own city, even in feelings you’ve experienced before. No matter how truly you think you know your own shape and your own memory, it’s still easy, sometimes, to forget. If you start to forget who you are this week, you don’t have to keep digging forever inside yourself. Look outward. How does the world reflect you back to yourself?

Gemini: There’s a whole world full of music, and a whole world full of friends and strangers, and a whole world full of color and light. You’re one small person, and your own life isn’t infinite. It’s okay, sometimes, to choose between all the lives you’ve been offered. You know how to choose the maps that can guide you from the ones that were drawn for somebody else.

Cancer: Even you, with all your wild glowing courage, have memories too tender to touch, old wounds that you guard like they’re precious, like they’re secrets. This is a week to imagine other ways of living. Sometimes your pain just sits quiet and heavy, like a stone worn smooth by the ocean, but there are other ways to heal, too. Sometimes, even your heaviest pain wants to be heard by ears other than your own.

Leo: It can feel so good to imagine a world where you meet every ordeal with boldness, with bravery as bright as gold. It feels so good, sometimes, to imagine a version of yourself with all your courage amplified, and your quiet strangeness, your fear, your pain made invisible. But you can value your weirdness, too. You can love the imaginative, unproductive parts of yourself that don’t make sense. Everyone has their own way to keep going. Sometimes, from the outside, courage doesn’t look like courage at all.

Virgo: Maybe there’s a shift in the outside world, or maybe there’s a shift somewhere in your own body, but either way, suddenly, you can trust your own balance. You can believe the instincts that lead you through each day, and the bright inner compass that guides you through these busy streets. You don’t have to understand your hunger in order to feel it, or understand love before it can mean anything. You don’t have to understand gravity’s force to feel your feet on the ground.

Libra: This might be a time for taking your favorite old story off the shelf and letting it speak to you again. You’ve learned so much, and you’ve seen so many towns, so many mountains, so many people. You’ve grown so wise and good, and still, there’s an urgency inside you, a desire that beats small and strange in your heart. This week, you can return to the stories that have gotten you through this feeling before, the ones that have cast light into your dreams and opened up new futures.

Scorpio: Sometimes, it can feel like the only way to keep your head above water is to see everything, to know everything, to predict what will happen tomorrow, and the next day, too. But you’re allowed, this week and others, to loosen your tight grip on the future. The tension in your own muscles won’t hold the whole world up. It might help to take a walk and watch the sky changing, or to go to a place you’ve never been before.

Sagittarius: When the badness of the world feels overwhelming, it’s easy to imagine that the shape of your own feelings must match the shape of the world. It’s easy to imagine that somehow, some perfect balance between your inner self and the physical world will be enough to carry you through these days. But your emotions don’t always have to work like a flotation device, rising and falling with the water levels. Your own joy can keep shining, even when it’s hard to see a reason.

Capricorn: It can be hard to see the goodness in the world, hard to notice any progress, any change, any sign that there’s a reason for walking so far on your own tired feet. On days like these, it can be enough just to live inside your relationships with other people. It can be enough to focus on holding other people up. This week, pay attention to the moments of connection, to the moments of bright common joy. Sometimes there’s nothing more than this, and sometimes there doesn’t need to be.

Aquarius: The moon grows larger and brighter overhead, and you have the heady power, right now, to reckon with all the desires and ambitions you’ve ignored, the ones you’ve hidden from yourself. You can look at your own face in the mirror, and you can look at the light that shines through the window at night. You already know what you’re made of, and you already know what you want; this week is just for letting the light in, for speaking it out loud.

Pisces: Maybe there’s been something itching at you, something bothering your dreams. Maybe your muscles and bones haven’t felt quite aligned, or your hair hasn’t been sitting quite right. This week, finally, you might find your ease again. You might remember how it feels to feel right in this body, to move smoothly through space. You can’t always will yourself back into feeling good, and that’s okay. Sometimes you just have to keep moving until something swings around again, until the world circles back into gentleness.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 25